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LAUNDRY soap bar
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LAUNDRY soap bar

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Lemon Myrtle Laundry / kitchen soap bar

this bar is ideal for use in laundry and kitchen. 

-removed stains from white shoe laces, applied to a damp cloth and small scrubbing brush, cleaned white leather shoes

- helps budge and lift stains from clothing. Has removed hydraulic oils, black wheel bearing grease in cotton work shirts,  perfect for washing denim, and heavy stains from dirt and mud after two hours soak in warm water. In heavily oiled clothing 2-3 wash applications may be needed. Has shown to lift 80% of set stains out in first wash. 

-grate to make laundry soap powder.
to make laundry liquid: 1 tablespoon soap powder  to 400ml hot water to dissolve for 8kg wash.
To remove stains, wet stained area, rub soap block over stain from underneath and over top, leave to soak 2 hrs to over night before washing. Cotton denim and cotton poly blends. Do not use on silk or wool. 

-kitchen dishes: great for washing dishes! This soap lifts grease, shines glass, cleans bbq grease off plates. With using, apply a little to a soft cloth, or run under water to create a white water , use a soft cloth to wash dishes and simply rinse in clean water and air dry.

-Bbq plates will need to soak for 15-20 mins in hot soapy water, use a soft  brush to remove stubborn food, rinse in clean water. Air dry and apply a thin layer of  cooking oil over bbq plates or camp ovens to retain the quality of the cast iron. 

-oven cleaning. Soak shelves and metal oven fittings in hot water with soapy water. Leave for 1/2 hr. Use a soft cloth or soft scrubbing brush to remove stubborn baked on stains. Rinse with clean water. Leaves metal shining. wipe oven glass with a soft cloth dipped in soap water. Wipe over with clean damp cloth. 

-to make a general House cleaning spray. 

Grate 10 g add to 500ml hot water, dissolve.  . Will gently clean tiles, basins, showers and baths.